There are many ways to get started in your plans to increase the speed and urgency of your business, decrease your business risk and grow your company’s value. Let’s take a look:

The Percolator Series

Many leaders are searching for a better way to organize their thoughts and generate meaningful and unique ideas for a new market, a new product, a product feature, strategy or just a new way of looking at the business. This is where Percoloater comes in. We have two stages of percolating:

  • Just Beans

    A session or set of structured sessions where IntelliThink LLC facilitates your team through the creation or ideation process. The goal is to drive as many core and leap ideas around the business issue or opportunity. We focus on the customer, problem or opportunity, and promise (relevant benefit). You walk away with a number of ideas to test and move forward for development.

  • Fully Brewed

    Similar in nature, a session or set of structured sessions where IntelliThink LLC facilitates your team through the creation or ideation process. The focus is not only to generate core and leap ideas, but to identify the planning level return-on-investment, test the idea’s feasibility and outline the “Death Threats” (idea killers) and how to begin addressing them.

Innovation Central

This is where the magic happens. To fully experience Intentional Innovation, a leader will take a single or series of business needs through the entire innovation process beginning with the business need and navigating through the define, discover, develop and deliver stages. The end result is an implementable business idea. We have made it easy for all types of businesses (small to large) to participate and enjoy success.

  • The Test Drive

    A 60-90 day initiative taking one business need or opportunity through the Intentional Innovation process from start to finish; an implementable result. The team is led by IntelliThink LLC with 3-4 of your team members assigned working roles in the process.

  • Innovation Central

    Your personal innovation team focused on an end-to-end innovation need without worry. You let IntelliThink LLC do all the heavy lifting and receive an implementable result. Innovation Central is a great way to gently nudge your team into place and take the necessary time to become an experienced innovation expert.

  • In-House Team

    Accelerate your long-term success by bringing the innovation system in-house. Let IntelliThink LLC and the Innovation Engineering Network train your experts to become black belts. Your black belt team is supported with on-going coaching and mentoring to continue to hone their skills.

Leadership Development

IntelliThink LLC provides all of our customers with a series of workshops, development and coaching. Our goal is to move innovation from being a random gamble to a repeatable and sustainable system. We recognize this takes ongoing support and assistance.

  • Innovative Leadership

    A series of leadership development steps designed to align and equip current and future leaders with innovative thinking as the foundation.

  • Workshops

    A series of workshops covering all aspects or targeted components of the innovation system.

  • Coaching

    A series of coaching sessions, 1-on-1 or group to reinforce the innovation process.

Successful companies did not just get there – they made it Intentional.

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