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Stimulate Your Brain

Today we worked with a set of business owners searching for ideas and strategies to grow their business and create a significant competitive advantage. Like many business owners, they struggle with the process to come up with meaningful ideas. Smart people with great operations backgrounds and the ability to deliver the desired customer service experience. […]

Get Started Right

It is always exciting working with new entrepreneurs as they begin to see how their product or service can really make an impact in the world. We watch as their eyes light up when they talk about the business. They talk faster and get more animated. Then reality hits. You begin to identify what really […]

Do One Thing Great

Over the past few weeks the IntelliThink LLC team has been working with several business owners at various stages of the business lifecycle. One thing really sticks out. When you are focused one doing one thing and doing it well, you are more engaged in the business. When all of your eggs are in a […]

The Turtle War Ship

In many cases innovation happens when something very important is needed. Innovation comes from people taking a deep look at their situation and developing significant ideas for resolution. This was never more true than in 1592 when Admiral Yi of Korea was facing certain destruction by the Japanese fleet. Admiral Yi needed to be ready […]

Decrease Business Risks

Every business faces risk on a daily basis. These risks can be small with little impact or large with traumatic impact. Successful organizations recognize it takes dedicated effort to stay in front of their business risks. The question is: How do you know what risks to manage? The first step in the process is to […]

Doing Cool Stuff

Over the past few weeks I have had the pleasure to experience several entrepreneurs share their business ideas with great interest and expectation. Each person has developed a truly unique technology or system solving a wide variety of business and life needs. This activity spurred my mind into thinking about what type work I like […]

What-If —-

What if you could make a difference in your life, your company, your church, or your world? Would you? Do you know how to get started? It is not easy to explore What-if. It takes effort. It is not just about thinking in the future or thinking about possibilities. It includes describing what it looks […]

Boy Scout vs. Navy Seal

What is innovation and how does it help me reduce my business risks? We see leaders roll their eyes and wrinkle their nose when the word innovation is talked about. This is because most people think only new products when they hear the word. If they are not looking to create new products the conversation […]

Idea Impact – Core vs. Leap

Innovation is a very misunderstood word. To some it means creating new products or product features. To others it is a new service, new market or new distribution model. The one thing in common for all is innovation means something new. Today I am going to focus on two types of innovation ideas: Core – […]

Innovation – Not Just Products

“I do not need innovation I am a service company. Innovation is all about a new product or a new product feature.” This is the understanding many business leaders have when talking about innovation. Nothing could be further from the truth. Innovation is the active process of generating meaningful and unique ideas to improve, transform […]