Increase Business Speed

Sometimes it seems like it is hard to gain momentum and feels like you are slugging through mud. Kick start your team with speed boosting strategies and ideas.

Reduce Business Risks

Every business faces risk on a daily basis. Good organizations know it takes effort to stay in front of risk. Great organizations focus innovative brain power to prevent risk.

Grow Your Business Value

You can create newmore or you can better value. Intentional Innovation is the catalyst to drive new markets, new products and new customers.

INTENTIONAL INNOVATION — Meaningful Business Results

Business leaders need to ask four pertinent questions of themselves and their team. Do you know what you should be asking?

Stimulate Your Brain

Today we worked with a set of business owners searching for ideas and strategies to grow their business and create a significant competitive advantage. Like many business owners, they struggle with the process to come up with meaningful ideas. Smart people with great operations backgrounds and the ability to deliver the desired customer service experience. […]

Get Started Right

It is always exciting working with new entrepreneurs as they begin to see how their product or service can really make an impact in the world. We watch as their eyes light up when they talk about the business. They talk faster and get more animated. Then reality hits. You begin to identify what really […]

Do One Thing Great

Over the past few weeks the IntelliThink LLC team has been working with several business owners at various stages of the business lifecycle. One thing really sticks out. When you are focused one doing one thing and doing it well, you are more engaged in the business. When all of your eggs are in a […]

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